We provide auto repair shop marketing that attracts, engages, and creates trusting, loyal customers. Our deep understanding of the needs of the auto repair industry enables us to provide truly effective long-term auto repair shop marketing.

Our specialty is website content writing and SEO for auto repair service shops.

Interested In: Helping automotive repair shops revolutionize their marketing.

Beliefs: When it comes to auto repair advertising, consumers are fed up. Their patience is burnt out and they have headed for the Internet. They recognize the power in the opinions of friends, peers, and advisers, far away from the reaches of auto shop owners. And they use reputation to select who they do business with.

What can Auto Repair Shop owners do?

Here at RobMax we see only one way forward: Use a marketing strategy based on what your customers tell their online friends about you. Your online reviews become the social proof of your reputation. And then use that reputation to attract new, loyal customers.

Expose Yourself

Yes, people will get vocal. Don't be afraid. Just pay attention to what they say... and respond. Be willing to change to suit your customer's needs. Above all, show sincerity and honesty. That's how you get recognition, acceptance, and trust. And use your customer generated reputation to attract new customers

Sincerely Help

When it comes to engaging customers RobMax believes good things happen when companies like yours sincerely help consumers determine if your services and products are what they need. People start to see you in a new, positive light. You move from the category of un-trusted stranger to friend—and we believe this is a move worth making.

The Way Forward

So what does all of this really mean? A new way of auto service marketing is needed. Changing consumer wants and needs can be adapted to. Auto repair shops can grow and prosper despite anti-advertising consumer attitudes.

It's all a question of how you engage with people. Both in your shop and online.

Ready to involve your customers?

Are you ready to listen to your customers?

Get the customer recognition, acceptance, and trust you deserve!

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