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1-2-3 Marketing Process

We promote a simple 1-2-3 approach to auto repair marketing. It will maximize your marketing results. The focus is attracting new customers, building trust, and turning them into long-term loyal customers. These three steps will boost your bottom line!

1. Built It and They Will Come!

Each part of this simple auto repair shop marketing strategy is based on the foundation of having a well designed auto repair website that answers the questions vehicle owners want answered before they become your customer.

Build a compelling website

RobMax's auto repair websites attract customers wanting to do business with you. Our auto repair websites are designed from the inside out to attract vehicle owners searching for your auto repair services. Our auto shop websites provide the information vehicle owners are looking for and starts building a relationship that moves a website viewer from prospect to a loyal auto repair customer.

Make it easy and intuitive to use

RobMax's auto repair websites provide the framework to develop a compelling auto repair marketing system. Your website should engage prospects, and encourage them to take that key first step toward becoming your customer. As soon as they arrive on your auto repair website it leads your prospective customers to discover the benefits of doing business with your auto repair shop. Above all an RobMax auto repair website is focused on the customer's needs!

Get them to act

RobMax auto repair websites are designed to convert viewers into customers. It's one thing to get viewers to your website, but quite another to get them to contact you and, ultimately, become a loyal, long term auto repair customer.

First thing is to convey your competence, professionalism, and business ethics with the informative website content viewers are seeking.

Then, built trust by communicating "who" and "what" about the people who operate the company. Our automotive repair websites contain all the essential elements needed to convince prospects that you are the 'go to' people.

2. Use What You've Already Got

Don't prematurely spend your hard earned dollars hunting for new customers. Focus on getting the most from the customers you have now!

Build a relationship

Get them to trust you, then like you, then get them to be your best reference. Help them be raving evangelists who tell all their friends about you. Our TrustBuilder service will make it easy for your customers spread the word about your business.

Promotions When You Need Them

We don't encourage price discounting or using "specials" for auto repair shop marketing. Price discounting tents to attract price shoppers who are not loyal customers.

But service promotions don't have to include price discounts.

Promotions can simply highlight services you provide. Promotions can bring attention to seasonal services, preventative maintenance, and specific vehicle services that will save vehicle owners in the long run. Promotions can simply be another form of advertising of your services.

One form of price discounting that does work is package specials. Grouping different services into a "package" done on the same visit can be discounted due to the efficiently of doing the work at the same time. The more work that is done the greater the discount that can be offered. For example, a Winter Season Promotion could include an oil change, tire change-over, new wiper blades, lubricate door locks all for a set price. Also, package promotions prevent direct price comparison with your competitors.

 RobMax's Scheduled Promotions system creates service promotions that start and end automatically on specific dates. A great way for you to set up a marketing calendar so your marketing can vary with seasonal car count fluctuations.

3. Tell The World!

Step three is to reach out to strangers. Leverage the strong reputation you've built to market to newcomers. By using the RobMax web based marketing system it is much easier for you to sell to strangers. Whether you use Internet, TV, radio, signage, or print advertising to find new prospects, they can all be directed to a strong Web presence based on a quality auto repair website.

Go local, not global

Focus on where your market is. There is no wisdom in advertising to a global audience if your customers come from a 20 mile radius of your business.

RobMax delivers innovative Internet enabled strategies designed by auto repair marketing specialists who know the automotive repair business.

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