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1-2-3 Approach to Marketing

Robert Maxim promotes a simple 1-2-3 approach to maximize your auto repair shop marketing results. The focus is customer acquisition and retention. Each component of this simple auto repair marketing strategy is based on the foundation of a well designed, informational auto repair website. These three steps, used with Robert Maxim's website system, can boost your bottom line!

1. Built it and they will come!

Build a compelling website

Robert Maxim's automotive repair websites attract customers qualified to do business with you. Our auto repair websites are designed from the inside out to attract targeted Internet traffic that is looking for your auto repair services. Our automotive repair websites provide the information prospective auto repair customers come looking for and starts building a relationship that moves a website viewer from prospect to loyal customer.

Make it easy and intuitive to use

Robert Maxim's auto repair websites provide the framework to develop a compelling website based auto repair marketing system. Your website should engage prospects, and encourage them to take that key first step toward becoming your customer. As soon as they arrive on your auto repair website it leads your prospective customers to discover the benefits of doing business with your auto repair company. Above all an Robert Maxim auto repair website is focused on the customer's needs!

Get them to act

Robert Maxim auto repair websites are designed to convert viewers into customers. It's one thing to get viewers to your website, but quite another to get them to make contact with you and, ultimately, become a loyal, long term auto repair customer.

First thing is to convey your competence, professionalism, and business ethics with the informative website content viewers are seeking.

Then, built trust by communicating "who" and "what" about the people who run the company. Our automotive repair websites contain all the essential elements needed to convince prospects that you are the 'go to' people.

If your prospects are still not convinced our Loyalty Reward Points system should provide that incentive to become your customer.

2. Use what you've already got

Don't prematurely spend your hard earned dollars hunting for new customers. Focus on getting the most from the customers you have now!

Build a relationship

Get them to trust you, then like you, then, ultimately, get them to be your best reference. Help them be raving evangelists who tell all their friends about you. Our Recommend Us-Invite system and Customer Testimonial feature will make it easy for your customers spread the word about your business.

Get them coming back - regularly

Get them coming back more often with our Service Reminder system. Without a big expenditure you should be able to generate more work from your present customers by reminding them of routine maintenance. Our Service Reminder system can also be used to remind customers of repairs that were previously recommended.

Promotions when you need them

Another method to keep the customer—business relationship active and your customers coming back is with Robert Maxim's Scheduled Promotions.

This system allows you to create promotional specials that are both start and end automatically on specific dates. These "website only" promotions keep customers coming back to both your website and shop on a regular basis.

You can even kick it up a notch by creating 'Members Only' specials for customers who subscribe to your Service Reminder system. Notices for these special promotions are e-mailed directly to subscribers.

3. Tell the World!

Step three is to reach out to strangers. Leverage the strong reputation you've built to market to newcomers. By using the Robert Maxim web based marketing system it is much easier for you to sell to strangers. Whether you use Internet, TV, radio, signage, or print advertising to find new prospects, they can all be directed to your solid brand built on a strong Web presence based on a quality auto repair website.

Go local, not global

Focus on where your market is. There is no wisdom in advertising to a global audience if your customers come from a 20 mile radius of your business.

Robert Maxim delivers innovative Internet enabled strategies designed by auto repair marketing specialists who know the automotive repair business.


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