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Auto Shop SEO Tip #1

To kick things off with my 'Tip Of The Week' series I have a few tips about optimizing your Google Business Profile (GBP). This should be top of your list in improving your auto repair website SEO.

Why Do it?

Why bother optimizing your Google Business profile?

  • Makes a BIG difference in how your Google Business Profile is ranked in search results;
  • Has a big effect on how your GBP listing is positioned in the search results;
  • Affects whether people will find your listing when searching for your services;
  • Top listing positions get more clicks through to your website.

How To

What you need to do:

  • remember that Google is providing this service for free. So you MUST play by their rules. If not they will punish you;
  • read the 'Google Business Profile Guidelines'. They are short and written for non-geeks;
  • read the 'Google Review Guidelines'. Reviews are very important for your GBP ranking. Understand Google's rules so you can encourage your customers to post reviews... without getting yourself into trouble. Follow the guidelines to the letter. And if you ever entertain the thought of SPAMing your profile with bogus reviews, smack yourself. Google HATES spam and is getting good at sniffing it out. If you get caught you're in for a world of hurt.
  • DO NOT copy and paste reviews from other websites! I am amazed at how many business people do this. Bad. Bad. BAD! This is the quickest way to KILL your profile. Google WILL catch you, suspend your listings, and possibly ban you from all their services.
  • DO NOT copy and re-post reviews that Google removes or hides. This is a double bad move. There is usually a good reason Google doesn't like a review so posting it again is just asking for trouble. Besides posting other people's reviews under your own Google account is viewed as SPAM.

DIY or Pro?

The Google Help Forum is a good place to ask for help. Answers to most questions can be found there with a little digging. Your Google Business Profile optimizing is DIY, if you do your homework. But you need to ask if this is good use of your time? If you don't have the time, pay someone to do for you. It won't cost much and the ROI is well worth the spend.

Contact RobMax if you need help optimizing your Google Business Profile.