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Auto Shop SEO Tip Series

I thought I would post a (somewhat) regular 'Auto Shop SEO Tip' series. Mostly they will be short website marketing tips or links to helpful information. Some tips will be things you can do yourself (DIY) and some are best done by your website developer. Just like auto repairs, some things can be DIY and others require a skilled expert.

I'll post them on my blog and email to clients. You can also get a feed of my blog. You can also connect to my blog through Facebook.

Auto repair shop owners are notorious for having a DIY mentality but many online marketing actions, and especially website work, can cause harm if not done correctly. Often you are better off not doing it if you don't know what you are doing! There is often a very thin line between legitimate SEO and what is interpreted by search engines as a deliberate attempt to manipulate them (black hat SEO). Search engines are unforgiving...

I'll let you know if it is DIY or not. Some may call BS, or self promotion, but my clients can never say I'm not honest in what I recommend.

If you have any specific questions please ask. Comments and feedback is greatly appreciated!

To kick things off I have a few tips about optimizing your Google Business profile. This should be top of your list in improving your SEO. And is DIY if you do your homework...