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Auto Repair Marketing Strategy For Small Towns

Auto repair shop marketing for small town

Auto service marketing for small towns is much different than in a large city. Often auto repair shops in small towns need to attract customers from outside their immediate community. Google does not make that easy.

Online auto repair marketing strategy differs depending on the size of the city you are located in. If you are situated in a small town you will need to broaden your online auto repair marketing target to include surrounding communities. Since search engines now have a very strong focus on local search you will need website content that is highly focused on geographical location to get page one positions in search engine results targeting those locations.

Population Limits

Your auto repair website should rank strongly for “auto repair [your town] [your state]”. But if you are in a town with a small population this severely limits the number of people your search listing will be exposed to. To increase the number of eyeballs (potential customers) viewing your website you need website content that is local search optimized, or local search auto repair SEO, for all the surrounding communities you can draw customers from.

Increased Target Market

Auto repair shops located in small communities need website content that targets every city or geographical location they can realistically draw customers from. What is needed is a series of individual pages that are local search optimized to target people who search for your auto repair services AND the town or location they are searching from. This specialized website content is called auto repair local search SEO.

Keyword Focused Content

If your website does not have content that search engines can associate with the search keywords people enter, your website is not going to be displayed in the search results. And IF your website is in the search results page, the position of your website is directly related to the quality of that related content. In other words it is the quality of your auto repair SEO that dictates where on search results page your website will be found – top of page one or buried somewhere on page 52 where no one bothers to look...

Game Plan

For auto repair shops located in small communities once you have content that targets all locations of your target market THEN you can start creating website content that targets specific service related keywords in your immediate location. An example of that is “brake repair [your town] [your state]”. The next level would be brake repair in all the other locations in your target market with “brake repair [other town] [state]”.

Bottom Line

Yes, building keyword targeted auto repair website content is a lot of work BUT it is the only way to build your local search auto repair SEO and a solid online presence. But, unlike most other types of auto repair advertising, creating website content is a long-term INVESTMENT that will pay back for many, many years. No other type of auto repair marketing will give you the return on investment that quality content will.

So to recap your website needs (in order of importance):

  1. location targeted keyword content;
  2. service targeted keyword content;
  3. keyword content targeting BOTH specific services and location.

Action Counts

Roughly 80% of all website visits originate from an online search. This is why getting found in search engines is the #1 factor in increasing traffic, leads, and sales. Amazingly only 14% of small businesses have a search engine optimization plan (SEO)! And an even smaller number of auto repair shops do any active SEO. Most shops have very little competition for local search auto repair SEO.

Contact RobMax to get us to create your auto repair SEO Plan for your auto repair marketing and start creating your local search keyword targeted website content.