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Directory Submission For Auto Repair Website SEO

Submit Your Website to Online Directories for Auto Repair Website SEO.

Submitting your auto repair website to online directories is a very different process than submitting to search engines. A successful Directory submission involves much more than simply providing your website name and URL address. Carefully crafting your directory submission can have big payoff for your auto repair website SEO ranking.

Big Ranking Benefits

Getting your website into high quality directories has big search ranking benefits. But extreme care is needed in making a submission. Many directories charge a submission fee. With some it is a yearly fee. If the directory submission is not done correctly it could be rejected with no refund of the submission fee. Also, the way your submission is written can greatly influence your website’s ultimate ranking in the Directory and the ranking in any search engine that uses the directory's data.

Important: Payment of a directory's submission fee does not guarantee inclusion in the directory, category selection, or website description. The Directory submission fee only guarantees that they will respond to your submission within certain time period by either adding or denying the website listing.

Crafting a quality submission ensures the highest possible success in getting a directory listing. RobMax ensures you of the best possible directory submission.

Why Directories Charge

The major reason Directories charge submission fees is that each submission is reviewed by a person. The main goal of these Directory editors is to ensure submissions are relevant, interesting, and accurate. It is vitally important to highlight your website’s benefits and unique content - make it stand out from other websites in the same category. There needs to be an incentive for the editor to include it in the directory.

RobMax's directory submission service ensures you get the highest chance of submission success and top website ranking from your directory listing.


Preparing for a directory submission starts with researching the various directory topic categories to find the most appropriate category to submit your website to. Then we must collect detailed information about your website contents and your company. We research your main keyword phrase and view the various related Directory categories. We study the websites listed within these categories and choose the most relevant category related to your website content. Often we will search for websites belonging to your direct competitors. The category they are listed in is likely the most relevant to your website. Finally, we also study the specific category description before submitting to ensure we have chosen the most relevant topic for your website.

Unique Submissions

We use a slightly different description for each Directory submission to gauge which descriptions are more effective in  encouraging people to click through to your website and which directories are providing the most website traffic. Directories provide their information to search engines and other directories so by using unique descriptions we can check which directory submission is providing maximum auto repair SEO value.

Directory Submission Secret

The secret to obtaining successful directory submission is to choose the most appropriate category and include a carefully written description that contains your main keyword phrase. It is rare that a directory editor would take the time to edit the submission or doubtful their edited description would be something you would be happy with. Usually they just reject poor quality submissions and tell you to try again. The fastest route to a assured directory listing is a quality submission!

Additional Directories

There are many "paid" directories your website can be submitted to but they should all be secondary to Google and Bing Directories. We can suggest other directories once your Google and Bing submissions have been completed.

Auto industry directories can be beneficial in some cases. They have to show value for what they charge,

Bottom Line

The Directory submission process can be time consuming and expensive but with careful submissions these highly valuable backlinks can pay big dividends for your auto repair website SEO for years to come. RobMax's auto repair website directory submission service ensures you of the best possible directory submission to the directories with the highest auto repair SEO value.