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Auto Repair Website Backlinks

Search engines use the number of links pointing to your website (backlinks) as an important measure of your website's quality and importance.

Website backlinks strongly influence the position of your company in search results. You need to create a network of websites with links back to your website to improve your website SEO.

One of the easiest ways to create backlinks to your website is to create a profile for your business on directory or citation websites such as Google, Bing, etc. These websites provide a free profile with a link to your website.

The best backlings are from websites that are related to the auto service industry and are located in your city.


  1. Quality backlinks should point directly to your auto repair website. Most should link to your homepage or even better, to a page that is related to the website linking to your website.

  2. Topic specific websites should link to pages deep in your website that match the same topic.

  3. Link your social media profiles to special advertisement landing pages on your website (see auto repair advertisement response tracking).

  4. Links of questionable quality or from forums and blogs should link to your social media websites which then link directly to your main auto repair website. The plan is to not have weak or poor quality links directly connected to your main website.