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Free Auto Service Advertising Example

A fabulous example of free automotive service advertising using social media. Any automotive repair shop looking for a great example of free auto repair marketing needs to check out this local community forum posting that just keeps on attracting new customers over 15 years after the original post!

Customer Driven Advertising

Nothing more than a simple posting to a community forum that gains legs and keeps on generating new customers. Very little effort required from the business owner yet the longer this postings lives the greater the return gets! The resulting free marketing and social reputation boost is huge! This posting was originally posted on Sep 26, 2007 and continues to grow.


Making postings like this takes no technical expertise and very little effort. Spend some time searching for local forums where you can make a contribution. The only caution is to be careful where and how you make a posting. Users can be critical if you barge in and make thoughtless postings. Spend some time getting to know the people before making a posting on the forum (it's called 'lurking'). Then select the best place for your post.

Be Discreet

Make your posting short and to the point. And don't be pushy. An honest and personal message with just enough information. The True Tech Auto Repair posting noted above is a great example. One thing that would have made this posting better would have been a link to a great company website.

Follow Up

After making a posting make sure you monitor it for questions or comments from people. Some forums have a feature to notify you when someone makes a comment on your posting thread.

Ask For Help

The next step would be to make your customers aware of your posting and encourage them to make a comment.

Bottom Line

There are many free auto repair advertising methods available. Opportunities for free auto service marketing are endless with social media. With a little research and some friendly relationship building you can increase the social reputation of your business. Successful online marketing comes from getting people to talk about you.