Auto Repair Shop Marketing Specialist

Building Your Business Reputation

Your online reputation is quickly becoming the life blood of a strong marketing plan. Customer reviews and testimonials give your business credibility. Every auto repair shop should be working hard at building proof of their competence and trustworthiness.

Touch Points

Many shops follow up each customer visit with a phone call or email to verify customer satisfaction. To easily build your online reputation you can include an invitation to post comments to your favorite business review website.

Make it easy for your customers by including links to review websites in your email signature. Also inform your customers about links on your auto repair website where they can post feedback and reviews.


There are two options to gather and display your reputation. One public, the other unique to your website.

Google reviews are the most widely recognized public customer review system. And paired with Google's search engine commanding the largest share of the online search Google reviews should be your number one choice for customer reviews.

But Google reviews should not be your only source of reviews. Customer reviews should be spread throughout a variety of review websites.

And you should have unique testimonials (reviews) on your website. In addition to the credibility the reviews provide having testimonials exclusive to your website adds significantly to your website SEO. The search ranking boost is especially good if your testimonials are filtered so those that mention a specific service or vehicle brand on a webpage about that topic. Our TrustBuilder Customer Relationship service makes doing both very easy and highly effective.

Which One?

You should have a few favorite review sites and spread your invitations amongst them. You can't go wrong with Google, Yelp, and Yellowpages. Automotive related websites which have business listings and post reviews can be very valuable.

Also look for local forums or websites that allow users to comment. These forums can be a fabulous source of free auto repair marketing.

Here are some links where you can create business review web pages: