Auto Repair Shop Marketing Specialist

Attract More Business By Being Unique

Give Them What They Want

Are you worried by all the competition in the auto repair and service market? Are you losing customers to big chain stores, specialty shops, dealerships? What is it that people are attracted to? The answer is uniqueness. Consumers are willing to pay more for what they can't get elsewhere. Are you providing what your customers want?

Auto repair customer searching for what they want.
Photo by gerlos

Check Out The Competition

Go to Starbucks. Buy a coffee. Watch what is going on. Why is it that people will ignore McDonald's and walk an extra two blocks to pay a premium price just for a Starbucks coffee? Think status. Think atmosphere. Think packaging and presentation.

Now take your expensive coffee and go down to your local fast lube place and get an oil change. Why are people willing to pay upwards of twice what they will pay at a general repair shop for just an oil change? Think convenience. Or simply do better marketing.

What Makes You Special?

What can you offer that other shops can't? What is your UNIQUE advantage? Do some research. Ask your customers why they deal with you. Discover what advantages you have over the competition. Offer what no one else does (or can) and customers will beat a path to your door. But you have to make sure they know how you are unique.

Unique Opportunity

If your customers are defecting to the competition maybe there is a hidden opportunity in their behavior. Ask them why they go elsewhere. Ask them what they want that you don't provide. Maybe they are not aware you can provide the very service they are leaving for. Or maybe you will uncover a new service you should be offering. Our TrustBuilder customer relationship service can help you find out what your customers think, what, or need.

Blast Your Horn

You can't benefit from your uniqueness if people don't know about it. Highlight your uniqueness in your marketing. Grab people's attention. Make your shop stand out from the competition. Create an informational auto repair shop website.  Provide something they will talk about. If you find the uniqueness that your customers want their eager response will surprise you!