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Simple Websites Make More Money

Customers Like Simple Websites

Simple, easy to use websites that provide answers for their questions are preferred by vehicle owners.

Fancy or Productive?

A pretty website may look good on the surface, but research[1] tells us that a fancy website doesn't necessarily produce new customers. If fact it can drive people away and leave you with an unproductive, expensive monument. Content and how your website is constructed is what your customers want and your bank account needs!

Basics Win

Sure if your website is an eye sore and users can't find anything it's a dead player. But a plain looking website with good layout, excellent functionality, SEO aware structure, and clear navigation that provides the user with content they want it is a sure winner.

Search Engines Count

And don't forget about your search engine visitors. Search engines are very picky on how your website is organized and functions. Your website may look great but sadly the search engines won't go near it if it is not technically built and configured correctly.

Since most website owners haven't spent the extra money to ensure that their websites are optimized for search engines people who are actively looking for you will never find your website amongst the millions of other websites out there.

Structure Matters

Just like your mother told you, looks aren't everything. In fact a visually attractive website without good content maybe the poorest investment you ever make. Look beneath the pretty face for the character and substance deep inside.

Bottom line

RobMax Web Solutions provides websites that are designed specifically for auto repair shops. Built from the ground up as informational websites to meet your customer's needs. And as the core building block of a solid, profitable auto repair marketing plan. RobMax websites provide the five key aspects of highly effective auto repair shop websites.

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