Auto Repair Shop Marketing Specialist

Lazy Auto Shop Marketing

Looking for auto shop marketing that does not require any effort for the business owner?

I call it lazy marketing. And it doesn't work. Don't waste your money.

Auto shop owners often complain about not having the time or desire to contribute to their marketing. They are usually too busy working IN the shop and not in the office as a business manager, as they should be...

And marketing is not a task that can be delegated to a shop manager. Marketing needs to be overseen by someone who knows the business "management" side of the business, not the business operations side. Also, marketing is not something your bookkeeper or assistant can do.

Stick with Google Ads. Sure it will be very expensive. But that is the tradeoff. And Google ads do not run on auto-pilot. That is if you don't want to go broke. Fast.

Google Ads require daily management. If you expect your ad account to run on auto-pilot you will waste a huge amount of your advertising budget. Plan on spending at least an hour a day managing your ad account. Four hours is better. If not... Google will gladly take your money, and as much of it as possible. And Google doesn't guarantee results.

Marketing is an essential part of a successful business. It needs active management. It should be a priority for a business manager. Not just something you add to the bottom of your 'To Do' list when the phone quits ringing...