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Your Best Business Advisors Are Your Customers

Your customers can be your private business analysts and advisors. Who else knows your business from the customer's side as well as them. Some of them have many years of experiences and observations of how your business operates. They have a wealth of information they will be willing to share with you, if you ask in the appropriate way. Many business people have a difficult time putting themselves in their customers shoes...

Successful businesses satisfy customer needs and wants. They pay attention to customers.

Every business owner thinks they have the best mouse trap and way of doing things. The ultimate question is if your customers agree. Often the best mouse trap doesn't sell and fails.

Three actions to make your business a success:

  1. Ask customers how you are doing.

  2. Let customers tell you what they like, and what they don't like.

  3. And then use what customers share to improve your business..

Ask. Listen. Improve.

TrustBuilder will make asking your customers easy.