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KISS Approach to Customer Relationship Success

The secret to TrustBuilder's outstanding performance is simplicity. I like to call it our KISS* (Keep It Simple Success) principle.

TrustBuilder started as a customer relationship service to help companies request customer reviews. The more we simplified it the better it worked. A real testament to our KISS principle.

In the beginning we had a difficult time defending our KISS mandate with clients who wanted us to add features that made it complicated for users. The clients were set in a direct marketing mindset and it was a hard sell to restrict TrustBuilder to strictly a customer relationship tool.

Failure Leads To Best Solutions

When we first created TrustBuilder the results were disappointing to say the least. Less than 5 out of a thousand auto repair customers (<0.5%) provided a review when asked.

Puzzled by the poor performance we made the classic mistake of adding more features. Some were our ideas, some were requests from our clients. The performance only got worse. Their customers didn't like it, and businesses themselves wouldn't use it, let alone pay us for it.

A Better Solution

It finally dawned on us that TrustBuilder had strayed from its initial purpose and become too complex and difficult to use. Back to the drawing board...

The solution was to go back to the original goal of building a trusting, loyal relationship with your customers. We made big changes and optimized everything for doing that single goal. And doing only that very well.

And the improvement was immediate. Response rate increased dramatically, from an average of 0.2% to +30%. Some businesses are getting feedback from over 70% of their customers on a regular basis! The average is now +60% of customers respond to feedback requests!

And there were a number of unexpected benefits.


  1. First, companies using TrustBuilder saw an increase in number of new customers from all types of advertising. By catching any unhappy customers before they could post a negative online review, using customer feedback to increase their satisfaction and resulting word-of-mouth promotion, and using all that positive feedback to highlight your great reputation which makes more new customers trust you.

  2. Second benefit is keeping more customers. Asking for customer feedback allows you to find and solve service problems. Happy customers remain loyal.

  3. Third benefit is improved search result position from all the positive customer testimonials posted on your website.

Contact us for a trial. TrustBuilder is the easiest, least costly, most effective ways to build your business!

*"KISS is an acronym for 'Keep it simple, stupid' as a design principle noted by the U.S. Navy in 1960.[1][2] The KISS principle states that most systems work best if they are kept simple rather than made complicated; therefore simplicity should be a key goal in design and unnecessary complexity should be avoided. The phrase has been associated with aircraft engineer Kelly Johnson (1910–1990).[3] The term 'KISS principle' was in popular use by 1970.[4] Variations on the phrase include 'Keep it Simple, Silly', 'keep it short and simple', 'keep it simple and straightforward'[5] and 'keep it small and simple'.[6]"