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What Is Your Online Reputation Saying

What Is Your Online Reputation Saying about your business?

When potential customers search for auto repair service in your area what do they find?

Are you encouraging people to buy from you?

Why Is Online Reputation So Important

A recent Google/IPSOS study* shows that 82% of smartphone users say they consult the internet about purchases they are about to make. They can get ideas, look up information, and make decisions, all from their smartphone anytime, anywhere. Both before and DURING their shopping.

Ask Yourself

  1. Are those vehicle owners finding information that tells them you can do or sell what they want?
  2. Does your online reputation show you can be trusted to provide what they want?

What You Should Do

  1. Make sure your product information can be found on your website. Be there at the moment shoppers want to buy. If it is not on your website shoppers can't find it during the moment they are making a purchase decision. You should be doing everything you can to show potential new customers you can do what they want, and that you know what you are doing. And make sure the information is useful. There is nothing worse than wasting people's time. Quality information is vital to establishing your authority as the best provider.
  2. Your reputation should be controlled by you. Be active in establishing and maintaining your reputation. Don't leave your online reputation to the whims of the Internet... TrustBuilder will help build your reputation and make sure it is prominent when new customers go looking for your services and products. Help your customers choose you!

*Google study on shopper behavior (external website link)