Auto Repair Shop Marketing Specialist

How Are You Different?

Placing "How We're Different" info on your website is the hands down strongest argument in convincing people to become your customer. And then backing up your claims with customer reviews works miracles.

Your "How We're Different" info can be the difference between your advertising spend being an income generator or a costly expense...

You have seen product descriptions with features on the left and check-marks on the right. Quickly communicates a huge amount of information. Doing this for your business will greatly improve your sales pitch (what your website is all about).

And to make it even better your website should list the BENEFIT each feature provides to the customer.


Factory Scan Tool = faster diagnosis = lower repair cost

To make it even clearer your benefit list can be subdivided:

  • Convenience:

  • Cost Savings:

  • Quality:

Remember your website is the mousetrap, and the content is the cheese. Advertising gets them to your mouse trap, but the content is what makes them pick up the phone.

Marketing is all about telling people YOU can provide what the competition can't. It's all about convincing them you are the best choice. You have to clearly and specifically show you are a better choice than your competitors.

3 Steps of Marketing

The three steps to make your marketing work:

A) Attraction (advertising)

B) Background story (your website)

C) Credibility (Trust Building with customer reviews)

If any of these elements is weak, or missing, your marketing will fail to produce the results it could.