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How To Get Better Google Adwords Results For Auto Repair Shops

Very few good, long term customers come directly from Google AdWords clicks. Sure you might get a few customers if you offer something for cheap. But quality, long term customers take their time becoming your customer. And there is one thing that makes a HUGE difference in the number of new customers you get from AdWords.

If you want to get better results from google AdWords for your auto repair shop, improve your reputation.

All About Reputation

Sure potential customers looking for an auto repair shop might see your Google ad, click on it, and land on your website. They will spend some time carefully checking out the "story" on your website about who you are and what you do. But they most likely won't decide to become a paying customer UNTIL they check out your reputation.

Good, long term, loyal customers are looking for a shop they can depend on. They are not looking for the cheapest oil change special in town. They do not make quick, click and buy decisions. They spend time checking you out. Especially your reputation - what your customers are saying about you.

Reputation Counts - Big Time

Your online reputation is the MOST critical factor in AdWords auto repair prospects becoming an actual new customer.

If your customer reviews support your story as you tell it on your website, prospective new customers are MUCH more likely to pick up the phone and make an appointment.

If your reputation consists of past customers yelling about your bad service, poor work quality, and lack of satisfaction they received, very few of your expensive AdWords clicks will result in a new customer.

Improve Your Reputation (the easy way...)

So, if you want better results from AdWords for auto repair shop, protect and improve your auto repair shop reputation.

TrustBuilder is one of the only ways to protect your auto repair shop from bad reviews. TrustBuilder is your first line of bad review prevention and your reputation safety net.

And TrustBuilder does all the hard work for you. Our automated system gets your customers to build your great reputation. And catches those inevitable service failures which can quickly destroy your reputation.

Use Your Reputation

And once you have a review "safety net" in place, you can begin to use your customer testimonials and reviews as solid support for your auto repair shop advertising.

A better reputation = better AdWords results. And that is the easiest way to get better results from Google AdWords for your auto service shop.