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What A Customer REALLY Wants

In my daily activities at TrustBuilder I have had the opportunity to read thousands of customer feedback messages to a wide range of business types. It can be quite an eye opener... Feedback provides an amazing view of what is happening in a business. And it provides a very clear indication of what customers want. And what keeps them coming back!

The difficult part of marketing is getting your message to rise above the thousands of marketing messages all yelling "Look at me!" that people are exposed to every day. Differentiating your business to stand out from the crowd is both necessary, and so difficult, in today's marketplace. But the only thing your competitors can't copy is how you treat customers and the feeling they get from you. That is your most powerful, and effective, way to stand out and be noticed.

The most common feedback I see is how customers are treated by staff. Both positive, and negative. It really points out the importance of your front line employees and how they treat people. Intentional or not, front line employees can have a dramatic impact on your business.

Simply said, if your employees are pleasant, engaging, and personable, your customers will feel welcome and more trusting. TrustBuilder gives the business owner a "remote camera" view of what is happening between your customers and your staff. Customer feedback allows the business owner to identify problems with your business and quickly fix them.

Customer relationship is the single most important factor in differentiating and making your business stand above other marketing messages. A solid customer relationship, and the reputation that creates, is a rock solid foundation for keeping long-term, loyal customers, and attracting new customers who want that experience!

Stand Out In The Crowd!