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Why Use TrustBuilder

TrustBuilder helps businesses attract new customers, and keep loyal customers longer.

After 20 years of helping small businesses with marketing, we discovered three problems:

  1. Advertising does not produce results that most small businesses can afford.
  2. Spending more on advertising is rarely good value.
  3. A weak online reputation will kill even the greatest advertising.

So, we created TrustBuilder.

It's an automated business growth tool that:

  1. Improves advertising results (you spend less, get more).
  2. Increases customer loyalty & retention (keeping customers is always less costly than advertising for new customers).
  3. TrustBuilder protects & improves your reputation (get better advertising results for same $$).

How Does It Work?

All we do is ask your customers for their feedback, and our automated system does the rest. We protect and build your reputation, improve customer trust, then use that trust to lower your advertising cost and increase number of customers you gain, and keep.

What Do I Have To Do?

All you do is less than 5 minutes work once per week.

Not much if you want to grow your business...

Oh, we forgot to mention that for many businesses just one customer, new or retained, will pay for a year subscription to TrustBuilder!

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Doug Fentiman
TrustBuilder Solutions