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E-mail Service Description

Full e-mail client server with POP mail, IMAP, web-mail, and e-mail forwarding functions.

Spam Assassin spam filtering is available for all accounts.

Different e-mail addresses allow routing e-mails to specific employees. E-mails can also be redirected or forwarded to a single address if a single person is responsible for all company e-mail.

Employees can each be given company e-mail accounts. You may name your e-mail accounts with any name you desire. Other common e-mail names are:

  • service
  • appointments
  • info
  • help
  • questions
  • surveys

It is best to encourage your employees to NOT use company email accounts for personal use. Mistakes can happen and your business reputation is at risk. Personal use of company email also causes inbox clutter, customer emails being lost or deleted in error, and using work time for personal matters... With email accounts becoming a vital part of business transactions every business should have a company communications policy.

Standard website service includes four (4) e-mail accounts. Additional email accounts are available if needed.