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URL Redirects

When moving to a new website the webpage addresses (URL's) of your new site will commonly be different than the page URL's from your old web-site. URL redirects provide a connection or bridge between the old and new URLs. Redirects ensure that search engines update and preserve your old links, page ranking, and search engine placement. URL redirects also make your website users much happier by avoiding those nasty 404 "page not found" errors.

Page not found errors are very bad for your website and you want to prevent them at any cost! URL redirects will automatically route the visitor to the matching web-page on the new website and politely inform search engines that the file has permanently 'moved' so they can update their records. 404 errors seriously damage a website's search engine ranking.

URL redirects are used in two situations. First case is where a web-page name or path is changed. The second case is where a web-site's domain name has changed.

URL redirects are EXTREMELY important to ensure your new website does not loose search engine ranking or traffic credited to the domain name. When search engines crawl your new website using links to pages and files on your old website they will receive "page not found" or 404 web-server errors due to the file no longer existing at that address. Redirects also prevent your website visitors from getting a "page not found" errors when the page they were looking for is no longer available.

When a new website will use a previously used domain name, the old website will need to be reviewed to assess the redirects required. Each page the old website links to will require a redirect. From this information the number of redirects can be totaled.

We can not emphasize just how important URL redirects are to your web-site's Search Engine Optimization! To say nothing of how annoyed your web-site visitors will be with all the "dead" links they will find at your new web-site.

Ten (10) URL redirects are included in your website setup. Additional URL redirects have an additional cost.

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