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Doug Fentiman

Owner of RobMax Web Solutions

Thinker, pot-stirrer, communicator, hiker, dreamer, teacher, cyclist, businessman

...are a source of constant creative energy.

Quote to live by
"Never compromise your standards for the sake of expediency."

Path to this point
Repairer, builder, tinkerer, licensed auto repair tech, marine mechanic/machinist, airplane pilot, technology teacher, computer tech, network manager, programmer, businessman.

Problem solving and creative solutions comes naturally to me. I started out making a mess of my father's workshop and then followed him into the family automotive/industrial repair business. Cut my teeth pushing broom in the family business and then moved on to new challenges in the marine, heavy duty and aviation industries. This circuitous route brought me back to starting, operating and selling my own successful independent auto repair business.

A university degree then launched me into a stint teaching budding auto techs in the public school system. Then it was teaching electronics, computer related subjects and managing computer networks under constant attack by my challenging students.

In the late 1990's opportunities presented by the Internet combined with a lifelong entrepreneurial urge drew me away from education into the web development field.