Auto Repair Shop Marketing Specialist

Advertise or Starve

Smart Auto Shops Advertise!

Small businesses must advertise to prosper. You can build a magnificent automotive repair business, but if you fail to promote it and neglect driving new customers to your website, even a great business will eventually shrivel and die.

Problem is most small businesses can't afford the intensive advertising necessary to build a strong brand name within their community. But it can be done with time and a good website.

An automotive repair website can be a very economical and effective part of your brand development and the foundation on which to build your marketing program.

Tell The World About What You Do

Your business might have the most exciting, innovative service and products but if no-one knows about them, they may as well not exist. Whether you're just starting out or growing your business, you need to inform prospects about what you do, why they should deal with you and how they can sign on the dotted line. A RobMax automotive repair website should be the core of your auto repair marketing program. All your marketing and promotional efforts should direct prospects and clients to your website. Your website should be ground zero for all your marketing & advertising.

Use What You've Got, First!

Congratulations! You already have a solid base of loyal auto repair customers. But don't become complacent if you want to keep them. Even the most loyal customers can drift away with the daily bombardment of your competitor's advertising. Frequent direct communications is vital to maintaining your customers. Keep them coming back with RobMax's TrustBuilder customer relationship tool.

Raving Customers

You're blessed with customers who love you. Great! Get them to promote your business with their feedback and customer reviews.

Print Advertising

To attract new prospects to your website use frequently run, small, affordable print ads in your local Yellow Pages, community directories, newspapers, or direct mail. The key is frequent, consistent, repetition of the ad. Don't forget to include your website address on every touch point - anything that could cross the path of a potential customer: invoices, statements, receipts, business cards, signage, print ads, direct mailings, bumper stickers, company vehicles, etc. Everything! Make your website the focal point of ALL your marketing!

Promote On The Web

The next step in a strategic automotive repair website focused marketing plan would be Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of your website and promoting your website on-line. Auto repair shop website SEO has two parts: on-site SEO (what is done on your website) and off-site SEO (other than your website out on the web).

Search Engine Optimization

First step is SEO fine tuning of your website to increase your website's popularity with the search engines, raise auto repair page rank, improve auto repair services search page positioning, and increase the number of your website viewers. SEO involves HTML tuning, text editing, meta descriptions, meta keywords.

Basically your website is tuned to attract as much natural search engine traffic without paying for search engine placement through advertisements such as Google AdWords. RobMax websites are designed for very high SEO performance right from the start. You can hire RobMax to further tune your SEO which will boost the traffic to your website.

Value = Recognition = Traffic = $$$

Second step is actively promoting your automotive repair website out on the web. Citations, links to your website in as many auto repair related websites, forums, blogs, and directories. Contribute something of value and you will get recognition and traffic back to your website. If your not good at writing hire someone to edit your work or even write it for you.

You could also create a video about your shop and place it on YouTube. Just remember who you want to attract and that both controversial or informative videos get the most attention. Videos have become a huge part of SEO and work very well for the effort and cost involved.

Another method to bring traffic to your website is contributing automobile related articles to the many how-to websites. Not only will the many viewers of these websites see the link to your website in the credits, but the search engines will find your link and raise your ranking due to your association with these popular websites. Basically the more inbound links to your website from other websites you can develop the higher recognition your website gains in the eyes of the search engines. Granted this all takes time, but the rewards can be huge. If you don't have the time hire RobMax Web Solutions to do it for you.

Play With The Big Boys

The third method to promote your automotive repair website is to pay the search engines for search page ads. These programs can be very expensive and unproductive if not done correctly. You should hire someone who is knowledgeable and experienced to manage your paid ad program.

If you have performed all the previous marketing steps you should be at a business level where paying a professional to manage your on-line marketing is not an issue.