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What is bandwidth?

Bandwidth is the term used to describe the amount of data being transferred between your web server and the Internet.

When you access a website, you are downloading a file. This file can be a web page, an image, a script file, or a combination of these. These files are downloaded to your computer and displayed by your web browser.

Each time you download a file, data is being transferred. The amount of data depends on the size of the file. If you download a web page that is 1 kilobyte (1,024 bytes), or 1KB, in size, then 1KB of data has been transferred. If 500 people access that same web page, then 500KB of data has been transferred.

1,024KB is equal to 1MB. 1,024MB is equal to 1GB.

How much bandwidth a site will use depends on many factors. You have to consider what kinds of files people will be downloading. Certainly a site with mp3 files or videos for visitors to download will use more bandwidth than a small web site with very few graphics. Statistically, most sites use less than 500MB per month, which is half of 1GB.

Can I get unlimited bandwidth?

Technically No. We do not offer packages with unlimited bandwidth but do not unrealistically limit bandwidth. We do set limits to both protect our clients and to provide you with reliable service. If you truly require more bandwidth we are usually happy to accommodate your needs. Please Contact Us and we can discuss your needs.

When you see a Web host claiming to offer unlimited bandwidth, you will definitely want to investigate their meaning of "unlimited". No host can really provide true unlimited bandwidth.