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Raving Customers

Customer Driven Auto Repair Advertising

Let your customers be your marketing partner.

The term 'Raving Customers' could be interpreted many ways. Two definitions are: customers who are "extraordinary or remarkable" or customers who "talk or write with extravagant enthusiasm".1 Finding customers who fit both of these descriptions is the sweet spot any automotive repair shop seeks. These are the customers who are so impressed with your service they gladly spread the word about "their" auto repair shop to friends and associates.

Powerful voices

Customer testimonials are powerful statements of loyalty and trust. They're priceless! Our testimonial comment system allows your customers to make comments about their experiences in doing business with you. This feature is included with all Robert Maxim auto repair website designs.

Loyal customers

To enable these loyal customers to spread the benefits of doing business with you, Robert Maxim provides a Recommend Us System. This optional feature of our automotive repair websites provides an automated Recommend Us System that allows your customers to e-mail a recommendation to their friends and associates. This e-mail includes a personal message from your customer and a message from you about your business and your introductory offer. This e-mail is very effective as it is a personal message from someone they know rather than just another piece of junk e-mail.

Spread the good word

The Recommend Us system is easy for your customers to use and easy for you, the business owner, to manage. The system a full record of who has sent Invites, how many have been sent, and how many have been responded to. You can fine tune your auto repair marketing program and see which messages and offers get the best response.

Why would they do it?

Sometimes providing outstanding service and value to your customers is just not enough. They just need that extra bit of encouragement to act. That's where rewards and incentives can be very successful.

Encourage action

To encourage recipients to respond to the Recommend Us e-mail, incentives such as discounted services & products or specials, can be included in the e-mail.

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