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SEO for Automotive Website*

SEO By Design

Robert Maxim's auto repair websites are inherently search engine friendly. From the core structure, layout, and formatting of each page, to the auto repair SEO friendly URLs, your auto repair website will be way ahead of many custom build auto repair websites.

Many websites are created from an artistic style and look perspective but then require a huge SEO investment to make them search engine friendly. Or the other trick is to build an auto repair website with poor SEO and then push the website owner to pay for costly paid add programs to get it to perform (while skimming off a hefty commission on the paid ad management fees...)  Search Engine Optimization (SEO) improvement costs for a poorly constructed auto repair website can often equal or exceed the original website development costs! With Robert Maxim your auto repair website has been designed from the start with SEO being the strongest guiding factor.

Included Basic SEO Optimization

Basic auto repair SEO has already been done and is included in your package at no extra cost. We have incorporated the latest search industry information and knowledge to improve your site's organic search engine placement. In addition, each webpage has its own editing form that includes fields for Meta-tag keywords, page description and page title. It is an easy edit to enter and fine tune your auto repair website SEO.

Less Costly SEO Improvements

If you want us to fine tune your auto repair website SEO the cost to make these changes will be far less expensive compared to most other websites! Adding additional pages focused on specific auto repair keywords is very easy.

Only the SEO You Need

No "one size fits all" SEO packages here. We only provide the SEO that your auto repair shop website needs. The "amount" of auto repair SEO your website requires varies greatly depending on your local market. We assess your auto repair marketing situation and recommend only what auto repair SEO is needed. And your specific search engine marketing plan can be performed over time as your budget allows.

Search Engine Marketing Plan

Auto repair SEO has two basic components: on-site SEO and off-site SEO actions. On-site auto repair SEO is the work done directly on your website like content writing, meta tag optimization, photos, internal linking, etcetera. Off-site auto repair SEO is work done on other websites like citation cleansing, back-link creation, profile creation and optimization, business reviews, videos, etc. The common ratio for effective SEO work is 15% on-site and 85% off-site.

Where should you Start?

Robert Maxim Website Solutions suggests the following steps to improving your auto repair website SEO. Before staring this work you should have an SEO specialist do a detailed SEO marketing plan with specific goals and action steps.

  1. On-site SEO Actions:
    1. start with a highly effective auto repair website design that is search engine friendly - structurally correct, SEO aware construction;
    2. if moving from an old website make sure all the old page addresses are redirected to the new website. THIS IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT! See our information about moving from an existing website.
    3. create content that targets specific keywords that your customers are search for. Build pages for each specific service, vehicle type, and city you want to attract customers for. This has become THE most important part of on-site SEO!;
    4. optimize each webpage for specific keywords: content writing, keyword use, meta tags, and internal website links;
    5. publish as many customer testimonials and reviews as possible! This is extremely important for converting prospective customers into paying customers. No sense attracting viewers to your website if you don't get them to contact you and become a paying customer!
    6. frequently publish content on your website with Robert Maxim's Promotions Calendar and auto repair blog. Search engines LOVE fresh website content.
  2. Off-site SEO Actions:
    1. create and optimize your Google Place profile;
    2. Citation Cleansing Service: correct and optimize any mention of your business (called a citation) on the Internet. Before you create any new links and citations about your website get maximum benefit of information that is already on the Internet. (take the low hanging fruit first!)
    3. Backlink Correction Service: Error correction and standardization of every back-link to your website. Increases organic search engine ranking and search engine result position (SERP).
    4. create new optimized business profiles on the top social media websites;
    5. create and optimize your Bing and Yahoo Local profiles;
    6. Directory Submission Service: list your website in high quality website directories that search engines recognize as reputable.
    7. create back-links from other websites to your website with links on other auto related websites and article websites. Content embedded links are far superior to simple 'blue' links.

Here is more information about the auto repair website SEO Robert maxim Website Solutions provides.