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Backlink Correction Service

RobMax Backlink Correction Service searches the Internet for links associated to your business name and checks that they are using your correct Business website address.

What are Backlinks?

Backlinks are links from other websites which allow users to click and are taken to your website.


Backlinks are vital to the success of your website search ranking. Your website's position on any search engine result page (SERP) is highly dependent on links to your website from other websites. If you want your website to be found on the Internet you need to ensure that EVERY backlink points to the correct address of your website.


Many backlinks to your website may use an old or incorrect website address. These dead links are harmful to both your company reputation and website ranking. Incorrect backlinks result in frustrating 'page not found' 404 errors, or even worse, take people to the wrong website. Also, many backlinks don't use the best link text that would give increased SEO value to the link to your website.

What We Do

  1. Perform Internet search for backlinks associated to your business name;
  2. Check that found links are using the correct URL address for your website;
  3. Check link text the backlink uses;
  4. Report backlinks which require correction or could use better link text;
  5. Provide an estimate to correct existing backlinks.

Please Note:

  • The number of backlinks varies greatly.
  • Companies with no previous online presence may have none. Companies with a long history on the web usually have a greater number of backlinks.
  • Backlinks may not have been created by you. Links can be created by other website robots or just people creating links to your website.
  • Backlink correction cost is based on evaluation results and time required for corrections.