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Website Optimization

We optimize your website to attract new auto repair service customers.

Website optimization is the first step in auto repair website SEO. Optimizing your website involves two main processes. First is optimizing the technical aspects of the platform your website is hosted on. The second step is optimizing the website content to attract and convert website viewers into customers.

Website Platform Optimization

First is tuning the technical aspects of the software platform your website runs on. Modern websites are built on CMS Content Management Systems that are infinitely adjustable and need to be configured correctly for your individual needs. The configuration of your website has a significant effect on your search engine position and ranking when people search for your services.

Website Content Optimization

Second website optimization process is creating, editing, and organizing your website content (text, images, and photos) to improve search result position, and convert your website visitors into customers. There is little benefit in directing vehicle owners to your website if it doesn't provide the information they are looking for.

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