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When will my suspended website be operational after renewal?

Depends if your domain name has expired or your website service subscription has expired.

Website Service Expired

If your website service subscription has expired your website account will be reactivated as soon as possible after your payment is confirmed. Using a credit card guarantees account activation without delay. Please be aware that there will be a delay until Check payments, e-check payments, or bank transfer payments clear our bank. This can take up to 21 days depending on your bank.

Domain Name Expired

If your domain name registration has expired you will need to renew your domain registration and allow a 24 hour propagation period for it to come back online. We have no control over this delay. We can perform the domain renewal for you or you will need to contact your domain registrar.

If your domain name has been expired for more than 45 days, the registrar will place it in the so called "redemption period". In this case the domain cannot be automatically renewed. If we provide Domain Management Services, you will need to contact us and make a request for us to redeem your expired domain.