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Domain Management Service

Managing Your Domain Name

Robert Maxim's Domain Management Service will perform Registrar required administrative tasks for your valuable domain name. We act as your representative to the Domain Registrar for domains purchased or renewed by or through Robert Maxim.*

Domain Ownership

When you "purchase" a domain name you do not get outright ownership of the domain. Technically you are only leasing the right to use the domain from the organization that controls world wide domains. You retain the right to use the domain for as long as you pay the yearly fee and abide by registration requirements. If these requirements are not followed you can lose your domain name and it then becomes available for anyone else to purchase. You are required to actively manage your domain name. If you are not willing or able to manage your domain name the responsibility can be assigned to another person or company.

Domain Management Duties

Robert Maxim will act as the Administrative, Technical, and Billing Representatives for your auto repair shop website domain purchased or renewed by or through Robert Maxim. We perform all domain account edits, renewals and administrative functions. Domain Management Service does not include the Registrar cost of domain purchases or transfers. Any associated Domain Registrar fees are not included in our domain management service.

Please contact us to purchase.

*NOTE: Robert Maxim can not be held responsible for domain registrations that expire due to non-payment of third party annual registration fees. If Robert Maxim is renewing your domain registration you must ensure the registration fee is received by our office at least fourty-five (45) days before the domain expires. Please see your Domain Management Agreement for full details.