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Domain Transfer Guide

This page describes the process of having Robert Maxim transfer your auto repair website domain from one domain registrar company to the domain registrar that we use with our Domain Management Service.

Why would a domain transfer be needed?

If Robert Maxim is to manage your domain it will need to be transferred to the domain registrar that we use. It all comes down to time and it is much more efficient for us, hence cheaper for you, if we use one company for all domain management. If you want to use your own Registrar and have Robert Maxim manage your domain we will do it as a Paid Assistance service at our standard hourly billing rate for time required rather than the yearly flat rate fee.

Who owns the Domain after transfer?

You own the domain. You are transferring registrars not ownership.

Who can perform the transfer?

You can or we can. But only the domain's Administrative Contact can perform the transfer. Please note that if Robert Maxim is not the Administrative Contact for the domain you will need to assign Robert Maxim as the Administrative Contact. Please see our Domain Management Service for information on how to do this.

How long will the transfer take?

It depends on Registrar the domain is being transferred from. Often it is complete with 12 hours. Other times it can take a number of days. Due to the unpredictable nature of the transfer process, Robert Maxim can not guarantee the amount of time a specific transfer may take.

What will it cost?

Free for new subscribers who already have a domain they wish to use for their website. New subscriptions receive one free domain transfer or a new domain purchase as part of their website service.

Additional domain transfers are charged a transaction fee by Robert Maxim plus the registrar's domain transfer fee. The registrar's transfer fee includes a one year renewal of the domain's registration. The bottom line is that the transfer costs about the same as a normal domain one year renewal so in essence is "free". All registration time remaining on your existing domain registration is retained and another year is added to the registration period.

Please contact us for our domain transfer fee.

Why is there a charge for this?

Transfers involve a great deal of time consuming work. Since domains can be very valuable, strict security measures are involved. It can take upwards of a week for the process involved, a number of forms to complete and a lot of back and forth emails with the Registrar.

What if I have more than one domain for my website?

Each additional domain transfer involves a separate fee.


A domain can not be transferred if:

  • the domain has expired,
  • the domain was registered or renewed within the last 60 days.

Transfer Process

  1. Purchase a Robert Maxim domain management service.
  2. Purchase a Robert Maxim domain transfer service.
  3. Robert Maxim assigns themselves as the Administrative Contact.
  4. Robert Maxim will initiate transfer with your old domain registrar.
  5. Robert Maxim will notify you of the completed transfer.