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How to change website domain name

Changing Website Domain Name

Changing the primary domain name for your website is an easy, but complex process.

A new copy of your website needs to be created using the old domain website content and then modify all pages to use the new domain name. All uses of the domain name, the URL paths to image and photo files, text and PDF files, and some links will need to be changed within the CMS system. The new website must be setup before disabling the old domain name. The old domain will require URL redirects to transfer visitors from the old domain to the new domain to ensure minimal interruption to your website and minimize the impact on the website's search engine placement and ranking. The old domain should usually remain online for a minimum of six months.

Steps required to change your primary domain name:

  1. purchase a Domain Name Change service,
  2. contact us requesting a domain name change. Please provide the old domain name you want changed and new domain name you want the account changed to,
  3. we will perform a domain name change assessment and confirm requirements.

Some points to consider before ordering:

  1. NOTE: Please make sure you have typed your new domain name correctly in your order. You do not want to pay for the process twice!
  2. if the new domain name is not registered, you will need to register it before requesting a domain name change. You can order new domain names from the Catalog > Domain services > Register Domain. We can also provide domain transfer and domain management services.
  3. If your old domain has been in use for a period of time URL webpage redirects will need to be created from old webpages to the new webpages. Redirects provide a connection between the old and new webpages and ensure search engines update & preserve your old links, page ranking, and search engine placement. If this is not done it will be like starting with a totally new website/domain name. Links to your old domain name will result in a 'Page not found' result and annoyed website users.
  4. Any graphic images, logos, or picture edits or changes are an additional cost.