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Legal - simple

Our rights, your rights, copyright, and other policies in brief, simple English.

NOTE: Please refer to specific and full versions as listed on the Legal document section.

Let's face it, lengthy documents filled with 'legalese' are ideal for lawyers but can discourage the intended audience from reading them. The following simple statements provide an overview of what we promise to do and not to do with the information you provide to us, what your responsibilities are, and which information is covered by copyright. This information will be updated and modified from time to time, so please visit this page as often as you may feel necessary.

Visitor, Customer, Client Rights

  1. We will not share your personal information (email, phone, address etc) unless you give direct permission, or unless we expressly ask for and get your permission to do so.
  2. We will not disclose any information about the nature or details of your project without your permission, as long as that information is not already in the public domain.
  3. We strive to honor all contracts that we enter into. If you duly alert us that an agreement has not been delivered upon, we will reasonably correct the issue.

Your Responsibilities

  1. You shall not reverse-engineer any software code that we provide to you that is not governed by a license that allows you to do so (such as GPL).
  2. You shall not disclose our technical, and business secrets or ways of conducting business. They enable us to compete and benefit from the hard work that goes into these innovations.
  3. If you enter a contract with us, we, and the law expects you to honor your side of the contract.
  4. Every project we undertake will have a contract that provides more detail, and specific policies and agreements governing the project. It may reinforce these points or depart from some of them.

Our Rights

  1. In order to remain in business, we need to demonstrate our services to prospective customers. We will therefor use the work we do for our clients (that includes you) as portfolio material. We will only exhibit your project once it has been launched, made public, or is no-longer a secret.
  2. We are not responsible for losses or other forms of damages that you, or your clients may incur while using our websites, or software and websites or applications that we develop for you. We believe that you get a fair opportunity to test and make sure that we deliver all scoped features before you approve and sign-off on the job. If your project requires a specific warranty, please make note of it in the contract.


  1. All materials on this website are covered by copyright. You must not copy, or otherwise use our materials without written permission.
  2. There is copyright on all generic materials that we lease and sell. You own copyright on custom work contracted exclusively for use on your website. You also have copyright on materials, text and images, that you create within our system. The design and layout of the website we provide to you is our original work and is copyright protected. You must not copy, or otherwise use our materials without written permission and create legal conflict. We will aggressively defend against the use our works without permission!
  3. Technical documents, commentary, and opinion documents found on this website may not be copied and used in entirety or in part without permission. You may however use them as a basis for research, and comment accordingly on this website, or another website while making reference to our documents using links as necessary.


If you are in doubt, contact us to ask for clarification.