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Support or Paid Assistance?

Included System Support

(please refer to your user agreement for full details)

All technical issues or problems are included.

Email support is limited to creating or deleting email accounts. Issues related to setup of your email browser on your local computer, managing your email account such as deleting old emails, virus infections, or spam related email issues are not included and a paid support service.

If you need assistance using your website we will provide guidance with instructions or information.

Minor edits of content (what is displayed to viewers) are included in the Support subscription. Although we are very generous with our support, we do reserve the right to limit support provided to two (2) support requests per month with a maximum of 15 minutes per request.

Changes and edits to content that regularly change, such as coupons or Calendar Events, are paid services.

We offer assistance at our hourly technical services rate for those who do not wish to edit their own website. Paid Assistance covers major edits or additions to content, search engine optimization edits, or any graphic inserts or changes, etcetera beyond the initial website setup.

Paid Assistance or a Support Request?

How does Robert Maxim judge whether the help request is a paid assistance or a free support request?

We ask ourselves the following questions:

  1. is the request related to a problem or 'bug' with the system? (free support)
  2. is the request a 'how to' question? (further info needed)
    1. is the request question not covered in the help or FAQ information provided or the information needs clarification (free support),
    2. is the request for assistance regarding a topic documented in the help or FAQ information provided on the website? (paid assistance),
  3. is the request for us to add or edit content? (paid assistance).

Bottom Line

Basically we want to provide service that will be considered fabulous. But we also want to remain in business so that we can continue to provide that fabulous service.

If you have a technical problem with our system we will do everything we can to help at no cost to you. If you need assistance using the system we will provide guidance with instructions or information. If you want us to 'perform' or do the work for you the help request is a paid assistance service request.

If you are not sure please ask.

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