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Sitemap Feature Description*

Search engines use the 'sitemap.xml' file, together with the 'robots.txt' file, as a guide to crawl and index your website. The sitemap file helps search engines keep their search results for your website up to date. A properly configured site map can also speed the search engine indexing of your website and is an important part of auto repair SEO.

Our system automatically creates a sitemap file that conforms to the specification. This sitemap is created as an XML page that is read only by search engines. It does not create a readable page for "humans" to find their way around the website.

What pages are listed?

By default all publicly accessible website pages are included in the sitemap.

Excluding pages from site map

Occasionally there are web-pages that should not be included in the sitemap. An example would be any page such as a special landing page used in test marketing that would not normally be accessible from within the website. To prevent a page from being included in the sitemap it must be manually configured to not be included in the sitemap settings.