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Recovery Questions

A recovery question is a question only you can answer when we need to verify your identity.

All Robert Maxim users will need to select and provide an answer to a recovery question during account registration.

Why do I need a recovery question?

In certain situations we need to verify the identity of the person we are communicating with. Usually this arises when a user has lost access to their e-mail account and they request us to manually change their e-mail address. Having some information known only by the user and us allows confirmation that we are communicating with the correct person.

In order to maintain your security, we will require an exact match against what you provide as your answer to the recovery question you choose. Correct spelling is essential to ensure that we can judge when you successfully respond to the question.

Recovery Questions & Answers

The best recovery question & answer set is one that no one else would know, something that you don't need to write down, and something that could not be easily found out or guessed. We try to use odd combinations of two questions to increase the degree of security.

You choose and provide an answer to your recovery question during the registration process.