Auto Repair Shop Marketing Specialist

How Are You Different?

Prospective new customers come to your website for information. They want to know what makes you  so special. What makes you different?

Web users like website content to be brief and to the point. This doesn't mean leaving things out. It means good writing that says what it needs to say and nothing more.

How do you stand out?

Describe what makes YOU stand out from your competitors. What is it that you do that is so special? If vehicle owners come to your business what kind of service are they going to receive: "white glove" service, or "Get in line, NEXT!" type of treatment? How are they going to feel when they leave: Thrilled or abused?

Not Just a List

Do you work on anything you can drag in the door, or are you a Jaguar specialist?

Do you do 'All Make' repairs and someone on staff has Toyota factory training? Say so! That is what people are looking for!

Don't just list all the typical services that every shop does... differentiate yourself.

Why is your service better than the other guys.

Make your business stand out!

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