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Auto Repair Website SEO and Grizzly Bears

The amount of search engine optimization (SEO) your business needs to get top search result position dependents on how much online competition you have. If your competition does little or no SEO getting your auto repair shop to place at the top of the search results is usually easy. On the other hand if you have got super aggressive competitors doing SEO to the 9th degree getting your website onto a search engine's first page will take a lot more SEO work!

Auto repair SEO is like running from an angry bear. You don't need to run faster than the bear. You only need to run faster than the other guy (your competition)!

Likewise, auto repair shop SEO doesn't need to be extensive or state of the art for everyone. The SEO required for your auto repair business only needs to be slightly better than your closest online competitor. Once your business places ahead of your competitor for your desired keywords any more SEO work is a wasted effort (and $$$). Have a look at RobMax auto repair SEO services.