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Auto Repair Website Price

Pro Plan Price

Our Pro plan is a fully supported auto repair Marketing Website. It is designed and built for search engine marketing.

Our website setup includes our assistance and guidance in gathering the information we need to build your custom website.

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Our Advantage

We work with you to create a website that WORKS. And unlike most web developers who impose strict completion deadlines, we work with you at your pace and on your schedule. We also advise and help you in collecting the information needed to create your auto repair website.

Fully Supported

You get a fully supported auto repair website with a predictable auto repair marketing budget all for a price of less than $5/day.

And to top that we have included more SEO and improved Internet marketing tools for one fixed price.

Websites That Work!

You know you should be doing more online auto repair marketing... but your previous websites haven't produced paying customers...

Robert Maxim Website Solutions creates websites that attract and convert prospects into paying customers.

"It's not how it looks. It's how it WORKS that counts!"
Steve Jobs, Apple Computer founder.

No Obstacles

You know you should be doing more online auto repair marketing... but your afraid of the work involved in building a true marketing website...

Robert Maxim Website Solutions has removed the number one obstacle for auto repair shops getting online and attracting new customers –  creating the website content that you need for a marketing website that works. Unlike other website developers we assist you in providing us with the “raw” materials that we mine for the “gold” to build you a website that converts website “hits” into paying customers.

Feature Overload

Too many options... unsure what is truly needed... or what is a rip off?

Auto repair shop owners often choose the simplest, lowest cost auto repair website design and then are disappointed with the results. Forget bells and whistles and useless features. Robert Maxim knows what is required to get the marketing results you want and packaged them into a simple service. We know what auto repair customers are looking for and created a website system for busy shop owners.

Simplicity = Results!

You want customers, not a design award. Robert Maxim focuses on providing marketing websites that produce customers – not works of art.

Years of Web industry research shows that “content” is far more important than “artistic design”. Yes, our websites are similar in the way they look – for a good reason. We focus on what works for marketing. Your money goes towards producing customers for the lowest cost. If you want a 'custom' design we can do that also – but strongly believe you will get better results if you invest that money in additional website content and Search Engine Optimization.

Years of web design industry research has shown that spending more on a custom website design does not guarantee better results (more paying customers). Functionality, content and results are more important than fancy graphics! Your choice...

Get the Website You Need

There are two types of auto repair website design. And they are very different in what they cost, and the results they produce. Select the wrong type and you will be very disappointed with the results.

Marketing Websites

Marketing websites are designed for Search Engine Marketing (SEM). They are build from the ground up with a focus on SEM and SEO. They cost much more to setup correctly and require consistent, ongoing support. That is why we sell our auto repair website design as a packaged service.

Brand Websites

Brand or brochure websites are intended to be nothing more than an information source about your business. They are not designed for online marketing. "Brand" auto repair website design focuses on being an information source about your business. But Brand websites attract few viewers from search engines. This website type is aimed at people who already know your business name and want to know more about you. They largely come from non-internet marketing such as signs, direct mail, print advertising, directories, radio ads, etc. Brand websites are much less expensive to build due to the lack of SEO work. Robert Maxim no longer builds "Brand" websites.

Common Mistakes

The first mistake shop owners usually make is choosing a Brand website as their introduction to Internet marketing. They select this type of website because of its lower cost rather than getting a website that meets their true needs. Marketing is an area where the cheapest is NOT the best deal...

Shop owners quickly discover their Brand website generates very few new customers from the Internet. Then they discover that it will require costly auto repair SEO work to get their Brand website to produce anywhere near the search engine marketing results they need.

The second mistake shop owners make is to let this experience discourage them from auto repair website marketing as a whole. This a shame as online marketing is becoming essential for any service business.

If you want to attract new customers from the Internet you need a properly built “marketing” website. There is no doubt it will cost more to "rebuild" a website with SEO than starting with a well constructed auto repair marketing website in the first place.


Auto repair website design at a very economical price!

You can easily afford the full featured auto repair marketing website you need. There is no longer a reason for disappointing website results with our low risk, inexpensive auto repair website design.

Return On Investment

Measuring ROI for a marketing website can be difficult. The best indicator is a ringing phone. But to get that phone to ring you must act. The best definition I have seen for “ROI” is “Return on involvement”.

Call Robert Maxim to get your marketing website online now!


Still not sure? Check out our reviews and testimonials. Just like you our reputation is built on the satisfaction of our customers. They are shop owners just like you so phone them. Ask them what we are like to work with.

No Excuses

To enable shop owners to start with the correct auto repair website Robert Maxim Website Solutions has dramatically lowered the cost of a top 10 auto repair websites to a price any shop can afford.

Get your auto repair marketing website started now.