Auto Repair Shop Marketing Specialist

Auto Repair Marketing Strategy

The Internet is not just another method to push the same old sales messages. It's about people using technology to engage for a purpose. Together RobMax Web Solutions, the businesses we help, and their auto repair customers, create connections that serve the cause. This may sound grandiose, but we assure you it's not.

Get Them On Your Side

Special things happen when a company becomes a forum for sharing. People get interested. Customers turn into fans, these fans become advocates, and then they willingly spread the good word, doing more for your auto repair shop than any advertisement ever could.

In The Good Ole' Days

Here is how it used to be. Auto repair marketing was about attracting customers and pushing them to your service and product lines. The process unfolded something like this: attract prospect, acquire customer, up-sell, cross-sell, repeat. If people didn't feel too abused they would return. If not, there were lots more pulled in by more auto repair advertising.

People Expect Respect

But there is something wrong about this. It's like we're orchestrating a mechanical process rather than an automotive repair marketing strategy. Are your customers objects or people? I'm sure they know.

Have You Wised Up?

Things have changed. Consumers have wised up. Your customers know they are people. And they expect to be treated with respect. The old assembly-line marketing approach is why consumers are rebelling. It's why they no longer pay attention to traditional advertising.

Tuning The Marketing Machine

Here at RobMax we believe there is a way to get people to listen to your message. It happens when automotive repair marketing becomes an inclusive experience that makes people's lives easier and better. It's all about making personal connections, building relationships, and providing what they want.

RobMax assists companies in building their customer acquisition and retention strategies. Through a combination of a specialized auto repair website, customer driven recommendations and testimonials, and other promotion systems we help you:

  • attract and retain profitable customers,
  • create processes needed to have a productive and cost-effective marketing strategy.