Auto Repair Shop Marketing Specialist

Words vs Graphics - Auto Repair Websites That Work

In today’s era of flashy auto repair website design the old marketing debate of "Copy versus Art" rages on. Pretty pictures and flashy designs, or Image Advertising, may initially grab viewer eyeballs, but it is the copy, or written text, that is far more effective at converting viewers into paying customers.

If you want your auto repair website to convert website viewers into paying customers it is the “written content” or written information that will convince them your auto repair shop is the place to go when they need auto repair services – not how flashy the website 'looks'.

Research shows that almost all of the great direct-response advertising pros all come from the copy writing side of the advertising business. That’s because endless testing over decades has proven that copy is king... even in today’s high-tech "eye-candy" world! People visit auto repair websites for a solution to THEIR problem or needs. Not to be entertained!

They want to make a decision about where to get their auto repair work performed and what is “said” on your website will cause these prospective customers to contact you or... keep looking.

Website use statistics show that people spend more time on websites with well written content. Website analytics (website use data) also show that good website copy, or content, converts website viewers or 'prospects' into paying customers at a much higher rate.

If auto repair shops want to convert website viewers into customers they must connect with the emotion of trust. And one of the best ways to build trust is to through good copy.

An added bonus of longer viewer on-page times is a higher search engine ranking. Website viewers who find a website's content interesting will spend more time viewing it. Search engines track how long users spend on each web-page and use as an indication of the website's importance. The better the content, the long people spend on the web-page, and the higher the search engine ranking awarded.

A high percentage of auto repair website designers come from an artistic background which explains their preference for “art” rather than the more important “copy” aspect of a website. Art work is also easier to create without time consuming input from the client. If you want an auto repair website design that converts viewers into customers (works!) look for a website developer who understands auto repair marketing and will focus more on the content than the “look”.