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Why Auto Repair Shops Need Keyword Targeted Content

Auto repair service keyword variety

Search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo work by connecting people with information related to the topic they are looking for. If that information is not on your website people won't find it, or your business. So if you want to connect with potential new customers you must have keyword rich content on your website that includes the keywords people are searching for. Yes, it is that simple. Keyword Pages are the only way to attract a greater number of new customers from organic search.

Auto Repair Keywords

People search with a wide variety of keywords when searching for an auto repair shop. They don't just use 'auto repair shop'. Your potential new customers may start with that most common automotive service keyword phrase but as they narrow their search and get closer to the purchase point (phoning you), they will use far more specific keywords. Their search keywords move from generic to more specific keywords. For example a new auto repair customer may start with "auto repair shop", then change to "brake repair shop", then "brake repair estimate" as they move along the sales funnel. Your website needs keyword rich content (what I call Keyword Pages) to capture these highly targeted keyword searches.

Keyword Variety

And you need a wide variety of keyword pages on your website to cover the wide range of keyword topics people are looking for. Another reason for specific keyword page content is search result position. The more closely your website content (keyword pages) match the person's search topic the higher your website listing will be positioned. And we all know the top three positions get almost all the clicks. If you have neighboring shops competing for these top positions in search results your keyword pages will need be more narrow in their focus. For example, a 'Ford Powerstroke' keyword page will get a much higher search result position than a generic 'diesel repair' keyword page when someone searches for "ford powerstroke repair". And a 'Ford Powerstroke headgasket replacement' page will get an even higher ranking and search result position. It is all about accuracy of your website content. And the more on-line competition you have, the more specific, and targeted your keyword pages need to be.

Google Language Technology

Keyword pages have a large impact on your website SEO and search result position. Google uses natural language processing and semantic understanding to "read" your website content in an effort to 'understand' and judge how well it relates to what people are searching for.

The closer your keyword page content is to what prospective customers are searching for the higher ranking Google will award to your website. The more descriptive of your services your keyword pages are the greater the chance people searching for your services will find their way onto your website. These people are actively looking for your services. These are not people aimlessly wandering the Internet. They have a strong intent to their behavior. They are very valuable leads and you should be doing everything you can to connect with them!


Plain and simple if you don't have keyword rich pages about your services you're losing a large number of potential new customers.

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