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Scheduled Promotions

Who do you want to attract?

Research has shown that less than two percent of Americans use coupons. This low response is likely because of fear of being viewed as cheap or poor. If your using coupons you may attract only the dedicated bargain shopper who only buy the 'specials'. Is this the type of customer your looking for?

A successful way to avoid this coupon stigma, and pull in the 'right' customers, is by using Robert Maxim's Scheduled Promotions system. Special promotions are posted to your website and customers don't have to ask for the discount during the promotions valid period. All they have to do is book an appointment during the scheduled promotion period.

Anticipated promotions

Robert Maxim's Scheduled Promotions system allows you to easily bring repeat traffic to your website and business to your shop. Once people discover that you have promotions that change on a regular basis they will be drawn to frequently check your website. Our system provides promotional specials with quick, simple production; virtually no cost; easy management; and simple, effective control. These "website only" promotions keep customers coming back to both your website and shop on a regular basis.

Quick, easy production

Rather than paying for artistic work, printing, and then distribution, Scheduled Promotions can be used to simply create a new promotions page on your website. You can make these pages as simple as a few lines of text describing your weekly promotion or as fancy as you like with eye catching graphics. After the promotion is finished you can delete the page or save it for future use. Next time you want to run the same promo just edit the page and "publish" it again. Quick and easy!

Ultimate control

A promotion web page created with Robert Maxim's Scheduled Promotions system can be "published" with a specific start date and a definite end date.

If your promotions do not have start and end dates you can not control when they are used. Nothing worse than when a special intended to draw in business during slow times is used during peak season. This clogs up your shop with low profit work when you don't want it. With Scheduled Promotions you can even change the dates at any time if you want to shorten or lengthen the promotion!

Easy test marketing

The easy control also allows you to test the effectiveness of your promotional marketing. If a promotion is not working the way you want, end the promotion, make a few changes, and publish a new promotion. Fine tune until you find what works for your market.

Simple management

Managing a bunch of different conventional coupons can be a difficult job. Printed coupons with expiry dates are costly to design, print and manage. Discount specials can also be expensive when they are not getting the response you expected or when they are redeemed when you don't need the extra volume.

Scheduled Promotions system is a breeze to use. Just create the promotion and publish it for a certain time period. Your customers check the website to see when the promotion is valid. No wasted employee time checking for valid coupons.

Build website traffic

Once your customers become aware of your 'website only' promotions they will frequently visit your website to check what is available. You can even put them on a mailing list to notify them when new promotions are posted to the website.

Robert Maxim's Scheduled Promotions system is one of the most effective, low cost, easy to run marketing methods you will find!