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Moving From an Existing Website

Moving from an existing website to a Robert Maxim auto repair shop website is straight forward and painless. We will transition almost every wanted aspect of your old website to your new website. With some planning the move can be smooth and trouble free.


Since much of your old website's content can be incorporated into a new Robert Maxim website, the transition can be very fast. You can keep your old site running while your new website is being created. Even your e-mail addresses can remain the same. Also, all those valuable links to your old website can be redirected to the new website so that you don't lose any SEO or visitors with dead links. Once your new website is ready a few setting changes are made and your new website is online.


Content from your old website that you want to reuse can be copied and moved to the new website. With our easy to use Content Management System (CMS) we can transfer it in a simple cut and paste operation. Since our website hosting platform uses a specialized CMS system we can not perform a simple restore from a backup of your old website.

Temporary Development Website

To assist you in transitioning an existing website we setup a temporary development website while your new website is being created.

The move from your old website will be much easier if you keep your old website on-line until your new Robert Maxim website is complete. When your new website is ready your Domain Name Server (DNS) will be switched to point to your new website on the Robert Maxim hosting servers.


No need to change your e-mail addresses. We setup your present e-mail addresses on our servers so they remain exactly the same as on your old website.

URL Redirects

Web-page addresses will most likely be different on our system. URL Redirects will need to be created so that links to your old web-pages will connect with pages in the new website. URL redirects greatly decrease the risk of losing your very valuable search engine ranking and search position. It also prevents 404 Page Not Found errors for your website users.

SEO Transfer

If your existing website has been search engine optimized (SEO) we can transfer all the meta tag data. No need to lose your investment in SEO tuning and loss of search engine ranking. SEO Meta Transfer can greatly decrease the risk of losing your very valuable search engine ranking and search placement. Our Website Transition Service is optional.

With some planning the transition can be smooth and trouble free.

Contact us and will review your old website and draw up a Website Transition Plan.

Please contact us if you have any further questions.