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Value Of free

The value of free services

Aren't free service give aways costly?

Won't people just take the free service and not return?

Not if free or discounted services are provided to the right people:

  1. If the free service is offered with our customer driven referral system you will find very few people will take the free service and not return. Since there is a “personal” connection there is a certain degree of responsibility that goes with the relationship. Most people wouldn't risk being found out by their friends and associates as a cheapskate...
  2. If you have screened the recipients you shouldn't experience too much of the 'bargain shopper' problem. By using Robert Maxim's Scheduled Promotions you have greater control over who the promotion is getting to. For example, unlike a newspaper ad, recipients of your promotion are actively looking for a service provider rather than just responding to a one time discounted 'deal'.
  3. If you want to further screen and target your loss leaders you can use Members Only specials which are only available to customers you selectively place on a mailing list.

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