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Auto Repair Marketing Promotions Calendar

Easily create auto repair promotion events such as auto repair specials, auto repair services or auto products you sell, make announcements about your business, or promote anything about your business. A very powerful automotive repair marketing tool to promote daily, weekly, monthly, seasonal, or yearly events of any type.

Auto repair promotion calendar example

Shop Benefits

Fast Creation of Promotional Materials

Our optional Promotional Calendar feature makes creating and editing promotions fast and easy. Manually cutting and pasting artwork for auto repair marketing specials is very time consuming and costly $$$. Having a graphic artist create promotional artwork and having it posted on your website can be very time consuming and expensive. Creating special promotions with our auto repair specials calendar is quick and easy. Anyone who can use a word processor can create one in a matter of minutes! Think of it as an automated auto repair coupon builder.

Higher Promotional Response Rates

One of the biggest reasons for poor coupon special response rates is customer’s fear of looking cheap. People often don’t want to present a coupon and ask for the special. If your customers know that they don’t have to ‘ask’ for the special, response rates are dramatically higher.

Increase Car Counts

Once people understand that they automatically receive the special on the date posted they frequently check your Promotions Calendar and book appointments on the date the event (special) is posted in the calendar. Regular, frequent posting of events can increase your website traffic and car counts.

No Coupon Management

One less thing for you to bother with! Our Promotions Calendar decreases employee confusion as to which specials are valid. All they need to do is look at your website or print events and promotions for the day.

Increased Website Traffic

Calendar events also generate repeat traffic to your auto repair website. People will frequently return to see what specials are coming up. Calendar promotions can also be emailed to clients, posted to your Facebook page or Twitter as a way to remain in contact with your customers.

Customer Benefits

No need for your customers to feel self conscience about asking for specials. Once they know they don’t have to ‘ask’ for the special they won’t hesitate to make appointments for your special events.

Also, your customers don’t have to waste their time and ink printing and bring in coupons. Events are only valid on dates posted so they (and you!) don’t have to bother with coupons.

SEO Power

Websites with fresh, new content attract search engines and new customers! A well known search engine optimization (SEO) tactic is to frequently add new content to your website. By using our auto repair Promotions Calendar you get a double marketing shot by providing attractive promotions to your customers and new content for the search engines. Each promotion can also be auto repair SEO optimized for greater search results.

Search Results

Each promotional event has its own detail page which can be found and indexed by any Internet search engine. People searching for services and products in your area will find your events online. Our Promotions Calendar is a very powerful auto repair marketing tool to attract customers. Unlike typical graphical (picture) advertisements placed on your website, which can not be indexed (recorded) by search engines for specific keywords, and so can't be found by your customers, our calendar events can be fully indexed and included in search engine results.

Easy Use

Our Promotions Calendar auto repair shop feature is built to be super easy for busy auto repair shop owners and employees to use. Automotive repair promotional 'events' take minutes to create and are instantly displayed in a monthly calendar format. your customers can view each month and plan what and when they get the services they need.

Upcoming promotions are automatically displayed on your website on any date. Daily specials and events are displayed on the homepage and change daily to match the calendar. And you only need to create an event once and it is displayed automatically on the dates you set. Events can automatically repeat daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, on any day of the week, any day of the month or day of the year. Each event has a page to display the event details. And events can be reused by just changing the date they are displayed, a simple one minute edit!

How It Works

Each calendar event is automatically created as a web page with a title and link posted in the calendar. A full description and event details are created on an individual web page which is displayed when the event's link in the calendar is clicked. Events can be posted for single or multiple days in a wide variety of date combinations. Events automatically repeat on future dates so you don't have to re-enter events and can even be set to skip holidays.

Each day’s events are prominently displayed on your homepage. A direct link takes your users to the calendar which displays all your events for the current month. Users can browse through events and check out details for each.

Our Promotions Calendar makes coupons obsolete. No more time consuming or costly ad artwork creation and management! Quick, easy creation, posting and editing. Calendar events are also SEO friendly and fully indexed by all search engines.

How To

You can create and edit calendar events yourself or you can get us to create or edit them for you. We can also SEO optimize any event.

View the Auto Repair Website examples to see our Promotions Calendar in action.