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Keyword Pages

Keyword Pages are web-pages specially designed to target people searching for specific auto repair services. The goal is to rank as high as possible on a search engine's search results page in an effort to increase the number of prospective customers looking for the services you sell. Keyword Pages can greatly increase the number of people landing on your website.

The main purpose of Keyword Pages is to attract online searches by people looking for specific services in your local market area. For example a brake Keyword Page will attract people searching for brake repairs in your local area.

Keyword pages have a very narrow focus aimed at a specific service, vehicle type, vehicle make, vehicle model, or geographical location (city). Each keyword page contains very narrow range of specific keywords peppered throughout the page content. Keyword pages can also contain a variety of photos which are SEO optimized (further discussed below).

Although Keyword Pages need to meet the very particular needs of search engines, they must also catch the attention of people. Many of your website viewers will be looking for detailed information about specific services or products you sell and these pages need to be interesting for human readers. In addition, and more importantly, the page must convert your website visitors into paying customers. This is a very challenging, time consuming work that requires a great deal of SEO knowledge and skill.

Your website will have a main or generic services page which is focused on meeting the needs of “human” readers and NOT the search engines (yes I know I'm repeating myself but the distinction is very important). Individual keyword pages are better suited for search engines and targeting specific keywords. Remember, the main Services page is for people who are already on your website and looking for information. The Keyword Pages are used to attract people to your website from the search engines.

The main reason for using separate keyword pages is that a single web-page can only effectively target a narrow range of topic specific keywords. If any one page contains too wide a variety of keywords the search engines will consider the page to have less focus and the lower the ranking awarded to the page for any one keyword phrase. The degree of keyword focus greatly affects the web-page’s position in search results - basically whether your website listing is at the top of page of the search results or buried at the bottom of page 52...


Photos are far more effective than just text. Pictures grab people's attention and pull them to your marketing message. Photos are also very important for SEO and a good way of increasing the page rank of a web-page.

Studies show that people spend much more time viewing pages with photos and are more inclined to look at other sections of a website. The more time people spend on your website the greater likelihood they will contact you.

There are a number of techniques to increase a web-site’s page ranking by search engine optimizing each image or photo. Image SEO is very effective in increasing the number of keywords on the page without being penalized for overloading the page with keywords (keyword stuffing).

Action shots of work in progress are very effective. Try to include an employee as photos including people are more interesting to people. It is better if you do not show the employee's face to avoid problems if they leave the company or decide they don't want their photo on your website. Photos with rear/side views that include partial face views are best.

You can have as many photos on the page as you like. The placement of two (2) photos on each Keyword Page is included. Additional photos and image Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are available.

Decreasing the photo size to fit the page and optimizing for web use is included. Photo editing such as removing unwanted objects, or color contrast adjustments are not included and when requested are billed at our hourly rate.

We can also provide optional large version pop-ups of images that link from a small image thumbnail and display the large image in a 'Lightbox' on the page. This service includes optimizing large image and caption text, changing image size and optimizing for web use, creating caption, and links from the smaller image.

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