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Recommend Us System*

It's all about trust!

And personal recommendations are golden.

Customer driven marketing

Customers in the auto repair trade are a loyal bunch with 76% returning with repeat business. This statistic is great but it also means you’re losing 24% of your customers! If you're not actively marketing to replace this business your business is not growing as it should. Why not get your customers to help.

One of the most effective methods of connecting with new customers is encouraging your present customers to recommend your business to their friends, colleagues and acquaintances. Robert Maxim's Recommend Us system makes this a quick and easy process that benefits everyone involved. A true 3-way Win-Win-Win process!

Everyone wins!


You benefit by getting pre-screened prospective customers. Also, the cost of attracting these customers is very low when compared to traditional advertising. Other than promoting the program to your customers there is very little effort or cost on your part to attract these new customers.

Your customer

The person making the recommendation benefits from that warm fuzzy feeling from helping others. But that is usually not enough to get them to participate so you can also reward them with reward points. Robert Maxim's Reward Points system allows your customers to collect points and use them like cash to pay for your services.

Their friend (your new customer)

Your customer's recommendation of your business can also greatly benefit their friends and acquaintances. When someone needs a company to perform a service who do they choose? How does a person judge the value of a service before they buy it? How can they trust they will get what they pay for? They simply can't. Service companies sell an invisible product that can't be evaluated until after the service is purchased and delivered. A trustworthy acquaintance with firsthand experience with a particular company is very valuable indeed.

How It Works

The process is simple. Your present customers use our Recommend Us system to send their friend an e-mail message recommending our services. The referral message that is sent is pre-written. All the person making the recommendation needs to do is enter their friend's email address and press send. There is also an optional space for them to add a personal message to the email.

Their friend responds to the invite if they are interested. You reward your customer with Reward Points for making the referral, their friend gets Reward Points which can be used for a complimentary service, and you get a valuable new customer. Everybody benefits!

Customer Reward

As an incentive to participate you reward your customer with Reward Points for every referral they send. These Reward Points can be used as payment for any service or product you provide.

As a bonus, if the invited friend responds to the offer and has the complimentary service performed on their vehicle, the person sending the invite is awarded with additional Reward Points. This reward can be made larger to encourage people to invite prospects who are more likely to respond.

Their Friend's Reward

The incentive for the invited friend is a complimentary service, like an oil and filter service, tire rotation, etcetera, that you provide as an introductory goodwill gesture. If they like doing business with us they can join your family of satisfied customers.

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