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Coupon Specials Page Description

Please Note: the Coupon Specials page has been replaced by our Promotions Calendar option and is no longer included in our standard website package. If you would like a separate "coupon" page it can be created as an optional service.

The Auto Repair Coupon Specials page allows you to display coupons that can be printed and redeemed.

It is recommended that a link be created to the coupon image so that when users double-click on the image it opens a webpage that only displays the coupon image. This allows easier printing of just the coupon and not the whole web-page. Users also prefer the coupon print image to be black and white so that they do not waste expensive color ink.


  • The coupon image must be a graphics (GIF, PNG, JPG) file format.
  • Images must be a maximum width of 340px.
  • The coupon "print" image must be a graphics (GIF, PNG, JPG) or PDF file format (preferred) and can be any size.

If you would like to provide special promotions to select groups the Members Only Promotions feature allows you to restrict promotions to users who have a username and password. For example a weekly or monthly special can be created and is only available to customers with an account. Accounts can also be divided into select groups such as commercial and non-commercial customers with each being able to view different coupons or specials.